12 Truths About Being A Mother To A Boy With A Strong Character

From the moment you realized that your son has a strong character, you also realized that he tests limits, and also your patience. The calm that you like to have at home simply disappears with his presence. With your son you have realized that there is another way of raising, that it has nothing to do with those parents who assure you that their children have a more “docile” personality. Your little one knows what he wants and how he wants it, he also knows what he does not want … and he will not settle for anything else.

As the parent of a strong-willed child, you may feel a certain envy of those parents who can raise their children without yelling or nerves, without threats or punishment. You envy that peace that they are supposed to have at home and you think you are the one who is doing something wrong in raising your little one. Nothing is further from reality. You’re not doing anything wrong, you’re doing the best you can.

Although you sometimes think that your child is exhausting, the reality is that it is the best blessing of your life. His character is strong and this will help him to be a successful person in the future, as long as you know how to enhance that wonderful personality that makes him so different from others … Don’t miss these truths that describe your little one!

  • They know what they want and what they don’t want.
  • They are passionate and don’t take NO for an answer.
  • You have to negotiate everything and give him options so as not to run into an instant refusal.
  • Many times you feel anxiety about his behavior and you would like to disappear … although later you know that you would miss him.
  • You like to joke around with your partner and talk about which partner inherited the behavior from.
  • The yelling and fighting at home starts early in the morning and you feel bad about it.
  • Your child talks a lot, is impulsive and talks non-stop… has constant verbiage.
  • You like to know that your son is not swayed by the masses, he knows what to do and when to do it, regardless of whether his friends do something different than what he has in mind… it is a blessing that he is not vulnerable to social pressure!
  • It has made you mature and grow as a mother, but also as a person: it has taught you that you cannot control everything in life, and that there are things that simply must be accepted.
  • You get angry when someone tells you that your little one needs a stronger hand.
  • You know deep down that you are raising someone who is going to change the world, because he will go very far when he is an adult, he can achieve anything he sets his mind to!
  • When he hugs you and tells you that he loves you or that you are the best mom in the world (although you get angry from time to time), you certainly know that you are doing well, or at least, the best you can at that moment … because it is your son who is teaching you to be the best mother to him!

Parents! Never forbid this to your children

Remember that prohibiting many behaviors to children is only overprotecting them and this is not correct under any circumstances. For this, it is necessary that you have more patience and be consistent with the upbringing that you provide to your children. These behaviors are:

  • Play with noise. Children to play and have fun need to run, jump, climb, scream … not stop moving! If this is usually done by your children, then you should know that you are in luck, they are happy! Children need to move and play in this way to learn to express their emotions and to relax. It is necessary to educate but not to prohibit … patience and rules are necessary, as long as the child is allowed to move and express themselves freely.
  • Talk. Parents wait patiently for their little ones to speak, but when they can talk and won’t stop, they may ask their children to be quiet. Perhaps as a result of parental stress or simply not wanting to have a conversation, they are wrong if they forbid talking. Children will think that they are doing something wrong or that what they say is not interesting. They will lose trust in the beings they love the most: their parents. They will feel that they are not enough for them.
  • To draw. With the excuse that parents don’t want their children to mess up, children are not allowed to paint and draw. This restricts their expressiveness and creativity. Therefore, give it an adequate space for your child to develop her imagination and express her emotions in the best possible way.
  • Eating without help. Adults do not like children to make a mess so they prevent them from eating alone thus limiting their independence. They prefer to feed them so that they do not dirty or stain anything. Children actually need the opportunity to learn to eat and gain confidence in their own abilities. And for this, it is necessary that they eat alone, without help and also in the first few times … they will also need to stain.
  • Give your opinion. Just as a child needs and should talk to her parents to learn to communicate and improve her social skills, she also needs to always be allowed to give her opinion. Children have their own thoughts and wishes and need to be able to express them freely. In this sense, they should never be held back from doing so.

With limits but without prohibiting everything

It is normal for adults to prohibit certain behaviors from children, especially when there may be a real danger. But children should not be forbidden too much because then they will not be able to evolve properly or learn from the consequences of their own actions. This means that there are behaviors that adults forbid just because of their internal fears.

When adults prohibit because of their own internal fears, they will be inhibiting their children’s learning and children will grow up thinking that there are too many dangerous things that they must always avoid. This will generate unnecessary fears and insecurities, and they could even develop a dependent personality. In this sense, whenever adults prohibit behaviors in their children, it is necessary to do so in moderation and allow some behaviors (not dangerous) to have them to learn through positive consequences.