The Best Baby Wipes For Your Baby!

There are a lot of parents who buy wet wipes in bulk and at times even before the baby is born since it is a consumable product that can be stored in best stroller bag, bound to be used for a long period of time. And like several other consumable products, the more wet wipes you buy, the lower you have to pay.

There are jumbo packs available at warehouse stores, there are multiple packs of wipes available at departmental store, and all you need to do is make your choice. But it is not recommended to buy in bulk before the baby is born.

If you discover that your new born has an allergy or a sensitive skin, you will be stuck with those jumbo sized packs to be used for cleaning kitchen counters only!

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Best Baby Wipes and its reviews


Elements Baby Wipes, unscented

Elements’ is one company that is genuinely and truly customer-centric, customers are the only inspiration behind every product they have to offer. They believe in understanding the requirements of their customers, offering products that match their requirements and standards, take their feedback and finally sharing everything with them.

The elements of baby wipes are a sheer example of such inspiration only. They are manufactured by Nice-Pak, who has expertise and experience of more than 50 years in the genre of world wipes. These are available in three different varieties-sensitive, unscented and fresh scents and are made out of gentle ingredients like Aloe and Vitamin E that are known to soothe and hydrate the skin like nothing else. It is going to be a big relief for most of the parents to know that 97.9% of the liquid that is found in these Amazon Elements Baby wipes is actually pharmaceutical grade purified water. 

All the ingredients used in the product have been thoroughly evaluated to check whether or not they are suitable for the babies and all these ingredients have no added scents as well. While the ingredients included are all common components but when combined, they make the wipes more effective and also help in keeping them fresh for a fairly long time. The brand has also introduced a new level of transparency for its customers who can know everything about their pack of wet wipes they have bought from a unique code mentioned on the pack.


  • Contains Aloe and vitamin E
  • Uses pharmaceutical grade water that is purified
  • Comes in a resealable pack
  • Includes a resealable dispensing tub


  • They are not moist enough because of which one has to use too many at a time.
  • The synthetic material used is not very absorbent in nature.

The conclusion:

There are specialty wipes for several different purposes. Some wet wipes have soothing ingredients like Aloe or vitamin E for the babies who have allergies or sensitive skin. Some companies also make plain water wipes for such babies. Then their companies that make eco-friendly wipes that break down much more quickly in landfills than the others. For their special feature, specialty wipes are always expensive than ordinary wipes.

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